API Policy

By accepting these License Agreement Terms of Use (“License Agreement”) you and your controlled affiliates, where applicable, agree to enter into a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) with Fodish Media Private Limited and its affiliates (collectively, “Fodish ”) regarding use of Fodish Licensed Content, Marks (each as defined below) and application programming interface (“API”). The following terms shall govern your use of API and relationship with Fodish .

Account Creation

You must create an account in order to use Fodish Licensed Content, Marks and API. To create an account, you will be asked to provide certain basic information. This information may include your name, address, company/organization, telephone number and email address. Such information will be held and used by Fodish in accordance with Fodish privacy policy, which governs the use of any personal information provided by you to Fodish .


This License Agreement governs your use of Licensed Content and Marks, API licensed to you pursuant to the terms hereto, and any accompanying or related documentation, source code, executable applications and other materials Fodish determines to provide to you in the development or operation of your website and / or mobile application (“Developer Platform”).